Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine founder George Habash in the 1971 film “Red Army – PFLP: Declaration of World War”.

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Murphy Ranch.

All you non-Beatles fans, Paul has no time for your Bullshit 

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Where are such leaders?

Most people just wear scarves or ties but Paul seems to insist on wearing his children
(Photo by Linda McCartney)
Most Zionists don’t believe God exists, but believe He promised them Palestine.


Ilan Pappe - Israeli Historian who left Israel in 2008; he was condemned by the Israeli Knesset and received several death threats for his views on Zionism.

(Source: Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism)

(Source: arabicquotes)


Ellsworth Kelly - Plant Drawings (1960-91) | Tulip

Anita Ekberg, La dolce vita, Federico Fellini, 1960
If you want to kill somebody, conquer his heart,

Then leave slowly and leave them between death and madness.

-Nizar Qabbani (via surbeat)